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Cultivating Resilience with Miraval’s Anne Parker

Miraval’s Anne Parker shared her insight and experience with me during a recent interview about her lecture and private consultation called Cultivating Resilience Through the Power of Your Heart.
According to Anne Parker, “Resilience is not only how we bounce back from stressors but how we prepare and support ourselves as we navigate through life. Most of the daily stressors we are confronted with are not within our control. But, we can control how we respond to those stressors, the choices we make moment to moment.”
There’s a lot …

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Tips for Better Communication, Better Sex at Miraval Spa

If you’re in a relationship and feel like something is missing, then perhaps Miraval’s Better Communication, Better Sex may help.  Evelyn Resh, Director of Women’s Health and Sexuality Counseling at Miraval Arizona is leading this workshop.   
According to Evelyn, “Miraval offers a very disarming environment, there’s a lot of humor that I use to help people feel relaxed and more comfortable about the topic.”
Here are a few Communication Tips from Evelyn as a preview to Miraval’s Better Communication, Better Sex.
1. Where is it best to have a conversation about …

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