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Focus on Creating your own Wellness at Miraval Spa

Are you feeling a little sluggish?  Do you find that you’re just not eating as well as you’d like and fitness has taken a back seat?  Miraval has the tools to help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can feel great!
For instance, you can meet with Miraval’s Nutritionist, Junelle Lupiani.  She can assist you with creating a more holistic diet that suits your needs based on your lifestyle, diet and any health concerns.  Next, she can assist you with supplementation.  We need the proper nutrients for optimum health, so share your …

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Solutions to Improve your Health at Miraval Spa

Are you ready to focus on a healthy weight and personal fitness program?  Miraval Spa offers a Comprehensive Exercise and Nutrition Approach based on your individual challenges and goals.
Begin your stay with Miraval’s  Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement (RMR) and get the information about your metabolism that you’ve always wanted.   Then spend focused time with a Miraval nutritionist who will review this vital information with you for a customized plan.  These work best when done the same day and early into your Miraval journey.
This Approach continues with Miraval’s Optimal Fitness Diagnostic.   …

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