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Need some Z’s?  3 Miraval Spa Services to help you Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping?  Miraval Spa offers several spa services to help you relax so you can enjoy that deep, refreshing sleep that is so vital to your well-being. 
Miraval’s Outdoor Sweet Slumber is 75-minutes of pure bliss!  It begins with a blend of organic lavender oils and natural minerals to exfoliate your body, followed by a smoothing scrub.  Miraval’s therapist then applies calming lavender body spray followed by a wrap to help you relax.  Continue relaxing with a lavender oil scalp massage, a pressure point face massage and a foot treatment.    Nighty, night.
Evening times are best for …

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Sleep on it! – at Miraval Spa – and Feel Great by Morning!

Sleep on it at Miraval Spa and feel great by morning!
If lack of sleep is keeping you tired and unfocused then Miraval Spa may have some answers.
In addition to Healthy Sleep, one of their Balanced Living Programs, there are plenty of services and activities let alone the Miraval property, to assist you with better sleep and ideas to bring home.
A full night of deep sleep (to help in the restorative process and for better focus) was my goal on a recent stay at Miraval Spa and  to figure out what else to do on my own …

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