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Need some Z’s? 3 Miraval Spa Services to help you Sleep

Need some Z's?  3 Miraval Spa Services to help you Sleep!

Are you having trouble sleepingMiraval Spa offers several spa services to help you relax so you can enjoy that deep, refreshing sleep that is so vital to your well-being. 

Miraval’s Outdoor Sweet Slumber is 75-minutes of pure bliss!  It begins with a blend of organic lavender oils and natural minerals to exfoliate your body, followed by a smoothing scrub.  Miraval’s therapist then applies calming lavender body spray followed by a wrap to help you relax.  Continue relaxing with a lavender oil scalp massage, a pressure point face massage and a foot treatment.    Nighty, night.

Evening times are best for Miraval’s Relaxation Massage (an Outdoor treatment is also available).  Miraval’s Swedish style massage releases tension to promote the relaxation that your body needs.

And number three: Miraval’s Ultimate Ayurvedic Treatment is several therapies wrapped in one, truly relaxing and restorative.  The Miraval therapist begins with an Abhyanga massage (loosens toxins and increases circulation), then calming marma point therapy (cleanses and balances your energy).  Shirodhara therapy is next (this is relaxing as a stream of heated oil is poured gently over the forehead), and is known to relax and balance the nervous system.  Miraval’s therapist completes this treatment with a warm wrap to support the healing benefits.   Pleasant Dreams!

Use this Direct Number to contact the Team at Miraval Spa and they can answer any additional questions. Call Miraval at 1-800-359-6250 and get ready to enjoy deep, refreshing sleep!

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