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Cultivating Resilience with Miraval’s Anne Parker

Miraval’s Anne Parker shared her insight and experience with me during a recent interview about her lecture and private consultation called Cultivating Resilience Through the Power of Your Heart.
According to Anne Parker, “Resilience is not only how we bounce back from stressors but how we prepare and support ourselves as we navigate through life. Most of the daily stressors we are confronted with are not within our control. But, we can control how we respond to those stressors, the choices we make moment to moment.”
There’s a lot …

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Focus on Creating your own Wellness at Miraval Spa

Are you feeling a little sluggish?  Do you find that you’re just not eating as well as you’d like and fitness has taken a back seat?  Miraval has the tools to help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can feel great!
For instance, you can meet with Miraval’s Nutritionist, Junelle Lupiani.  She can assist you with creating a more holistic diet that suits your needs based on your lifestyle, diet and any health concerns.  Next, she can assist you with supplementation.  We need the proper nutrients for optimum health, so share your …

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Sleep on it! – at Miraval Spa – and Feel Great by Morning!

Sleep on it at Miraval Spa and feel great by morning!
If lack of sleep is keeping you tired and unfocused then Miraval Spa may have some answers.
In addition to Healthy Sleep, one of their Balanced Living Programs, there are plenty of services and activities let alone the Miraval property, to assist you with better sleep and ideas to bring home.
A full night of deep sleep (to help in the restorative process and for better focus) was my goal on a recent stay at Miraval Spa and  to figure out what else to do on my own …

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The Hammam at Miraval Spa Creates Pure Bliss

Sometimes words can’t describe just how good you can feel after a massage and when you experience the Hammam treatment at Miraval Spa, you’ll be saying Pure Bliss as well. The Hammam, recently named as one of the Spa Trends for 2010, is a unique and euphoric treatment and one of the most popular services at Miraval Spa.
Historically, the Hammam (or Hamam), also referred to as a Turkish bath, was a process of relaxation and cleansing the body, similar to that of a sauna yet more often related …

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