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Sleep on it! – at Miraval Spa – and Feel Great by Morning!

Sleep on it at Miraval.



Sleep on it at Miraval Spa and feel great by morning!

If lack of sleep is keeping you tired and unfocused then Miraval Spa may have some answers.

In addition to Healthy Sleep, one of their Balanced Living Programs, there are plenty of services and activities let alone the Miraval property, to assist you with better sleep and ideas to bring home.

A full night of deep sleep (to help in the restorative process and for better focus) was my goal on a recent stay at Miraval Spa and  to figure out what else to do on my own upon returning home from Miraval was equally important.   Reducing caffeine, eating dinner earlier and going to a Miraval Yoga class got me started.

Miraval Spa’s Sweet Slumber at 8pm that first night was perfect!   The lavender was calming and started the relaxation process for the rest of the night.  Next, a comfy Miraval bed, and Healthy Sleep, a CD by Dr. Andrew Weil and Rubin Naiman, PH.D.  helped even more due to the breathing exercises (all natural techniques on this, too).

The Miraval Spa Lifestyle you adopt will help you find that deep relaxing sleep you have been looking for.

Sleep at Miraval.

Sleep at Miraval.

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