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Miraval Spa’s Dr. Nicolai and Dr. Weil on the Dr. Oz Show

If you’re a fan of Miraval Spa and Dr. Weil’s Integrative Wellness Program with Dr. Jim Nicolai, then you’ll want to take some time today to watch the Dr. Oz show.
This is a great opportunity to be part of the discussion and learn more about the integrative health approach that could help you make changes for better health.
To your wellness!

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Guess who is at Miraval this weekend?
Well, if you’ve seen the movie, The Secret, then you’ll know the name ‘John Assaraf‘ as he was in the movie and is a well-known New York Times best-selling author of transformational books, as well as lecturer and entrepreneur. And, he is also at Miraval this weekend to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011.
If you’re thinking about a stay at Miraval, I thought you might enjoy this short video John Assaraf put together upon his arrival.   It’s a quick and informative view of …

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Share, Save and Spa at Miraval Resort

Are you ready to Share your Miraval Spa experience?  The secret is out about Miraval’s Half Price Companion promotion and space is going fast for October as this promotion ends on Oct. 17.   (And, to save the most, travel by September 22, 2010.)
If you’ve been to Miraval Spa, then you know you’ll be taken care of from the moment you arrive at the airport until you leave.  You also know that Miraval offers a number of classes and activities and a generous spa allowance that can be used for pampering …

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Miraval’s Fly-free promotion saves up to $500 per person

If you haven’t heard, Miraval is offering a savings up to $500 on their Fly-free promotion.  If you’ve been wanting to go to Miraval, this is one of those opportunities for a summer deal.
Of course there are few guidelines to share for this generous Miraval offer, however just a few.  For instance, you just have to make a reservation by July 31, stay a minimum of 4-nights (Deluxe room) and complete travel by October 1, 2010.   Miraval will handle your credit at check-out (be sure to have your airline ticket receipt with …

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Celebrate Father’s Day at Miraval

Father’s Day is nearly here and Miraval is still offering a bonus $50 resort credit per night (and per person if double occupancy).  This can be  used toward any additional purchase at Miraval including private consultations, spa services, alcoholic beverages and retail purchases.  (Cannot be combined with other promotions.)
This is also valid for any length of stay at Miraval as long as travel is completed by June 30th.  If travel is after June 30th, then there are other Miraval Spa promotions that can be used since promotions cannot be combined.
So, …

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Transitioning? Find Sanctuary at Miraval Spa

Let’s face it, change is inevitable, however sometimes it just pulls the rug from under your feet.  That’s when a few days at Miraval can help you get back on level ground and help you find clarity in taking your next step.
It’s from my own personal experience of loss that I can share how Miraval has helped me and I’m convinced they can help you.  Miraval offers the nurturing environment to help you feel cared for. 
In addition to meeting basic needs, Miraval offers guidance for moving forward and finding joy again.  One of the Miraval …

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New Event: Journey to Miraval with More Magazine.

The annual ‘Escape with More Magazine’ is being held from November 4 – 7 at Miraval and there’s still space available at this sought after event with the editors of More.
All of Miraval’s activities, wellness classes, hiking, biking, gourmet dining and spa allowance are included.  In addition, Dr. Pam Peeke will be offering health and wellness seminars for the More guests with some other surprises.  This event offers an opportunity to engage with other like-minded women, get the latest information from Miraval’s experts, and More Magazine’s editors and enjoy a …

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Find your Inner Chef at Creative and Mindful Cooking at Miraval Spa

Is your inner-chef ready to explore new options?  Miraval is offering Creative and Mindful Cooking, one of their In-Depth Explorations coming up in July (with two others in 2010).
Whether you’re new to cooking or enjoy cooking and would like some great insight from the chefs at Miraval, this could be something fun and purposeful to do this summer.  You’ll learn healthy and creative cooking techniques focused on nutrition and you know they’ll be delicious, just like all of the meals at Miraval.
Secrets will be shared by Miraval’s chefs about combining …

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Focus on Creating your own Wellness at Miraval Spa

Are you feeling a little sluggish?  Do you find that you’re just not eating as well as you’d like and fitness has taken a back seat?  Miraval has the tools to help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can feel great!
For instance, you can meet with Miraval’s Nutritionist, Junelle Lupiani.  She can assist you with creating a more holistic diet that suits your needs based on your lifestyle, diet and any health concerns.  Next, she can assist you with supplementation.  We need the proper nutrients for optimum health, so share your …

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When you Hike at Miraval, it’s all about the Journey

Some come to Miraval for their hiking program, and what a hiking program it is!   With four hiking levels, ranging from A-D, you can enhance your fitness goals and practice mindfulness at Miraval as you reconnect to nature in the Sonoran Desert and Catalina Mountains.
The Level A Miraval Outback Hike is offered daily and it’s considered a moderate hike (3-4 miles) as the trails are adjacent to the Miraval property and it’s designed for all, however note that you’ll hike along rolling hills, with brief, steeper areas of 200-300 ft.  Level B is a longer …

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