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Focus on Creating your own Wellness at Miraval Spa

Focus on Creating your own Wellness at Miraval Spa!

Are you feeling a little sluggish?  Do you find that you’re just not eating as well as you’d like and fitness has taken a back seat?  Miraval has the tools to help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can feel great!

For instance, you can meet with Miraval’s Nutritionist, Junelle Lupiani.  She can assist you with creating a more holistic diet that suits your needs based on your lifestyle, diet and any health concerns.  Next, she can assist you with supplementation.  We need the proper nutrients for optimum health, so share your current health concerns and goals with Miraval’s Junelle and she can help you get back on track to reach your personal best.

Wellness at Miraval goes deeper than nutrition as exercise is vital to maintaining good health.  If you’re feeling tired and your body is crying for a great stretch, you may want to meet with one of Miraval’s fitness instructors for a one-on-one personal consultation and find out what your body needs for optimum performance.  You may start out with Miraval’s morning stretch and cardio class and then opt for Yoga or Pilates in the afternoon.  At Miraval, it’s all about choice and balance and you may find that you really do love exercising.

In addition to Miraval’s tools for proper nutrition and movement, the next focus is managing stress.  Some other items in Miraval’s tool box include meditation, walking the Labyrinth, doing something ‘artful’ like painting or photography and most definitely Miraval’s Spa for a relaxing massage.Miraval Labyrinth-Journey_room

Be all you can be, and start with these 3 at Miraval – nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. Use this Direct Number to contact the Team at Miraval Spa and they can answer any additional questions. Call 1-800-359-6250 and enjoy a life of Wellness!

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