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When you Hike at Miraval, it’s all about the Journey

When you Hike at Miraval, it's all about the Journey!

Some come to Miraval for their hiking program, and what a hiking program it is!   With four hiking levels, ranging from A-D, you can enhance your fitness goals and practice mindfulness at Miraval as you reconnect to nature in the Sonoran Desert and Catalina Mountains.

The Level A Miraval Outback Hike is offered daily and it’s considered a moderate hike (3-4 miles) as the trails are adjacent to the Miraval property and it’s designed for all, however note that you’ll hike along rolling hills, with brief, steeper areas of 200-300 ft.  Level B is a longer version of A (similar terrain with added elevation up to 400 feet) with distances of 5-7 miles.  

If you are a more advanced hiker, Miraval’s Level C and D cover higher ridgelines, mountain slopes and deep canyon.  Level C is a higher level route for a moderately fit hiker; it is more steep and rocky for most of the hike at 800-1600 feet of elevation with distances of 4-6 miles.   Level D is for someone in top condition who hikes regularly.  Trails are steep and rocky with an elevation of 1600-3000 feet at a distance of 6-10 miles. j0255381

All Miraval hikes are offered in a group setting, however private hikes are also an option.  Hiking shoes are recommended.

Use this Direct Number to contact the Team at Miraval Spa and they can answer any additional questions. Call 1-800-359-6250 and plan your Miraval hiking getaway for enhanced fitness and adventure!

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