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The Hammam at Miraval Spa Creates Pure Bliss

The Hammam at Miraval Resort & Spa

Sometimes words can’t describe just how good you can feel after a massage and when you experience the Hammam treatment at Miraval Spa, you’ll be saying Pure Bliss as well. The Hammam, recently named as one of the Spa Trends for 2010, is a unique and euphoric treatment and one of the most popular services at Miraval Spa.

Historically, the Hammam (or Hamam), also referred to as a Turkish bath, was a process of relaxation and cleansing the body, similar to that of a sauna yet more often related to ancient Roman and Greek bathing methods. The sequence consisted of three interconnected rooms where one first relaxed in a ‘warm’ room then bathers moved to a ‘hot’ room and then splashed themselves in the third area’s ‘cold’ room. After the cleansing, bathers received a relaxing massage.

Miraval Spa has created their own version of The Hammam based on the practices of the bath houses of Turkey and Morocco. This lavish service deeply detoxifies your skin and relaxes your body into a state of pure bliss. Miraval Spa’s five step service begins with an energizing exfoliation of your body, continued with a luxurious wrap of Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay. A refreshing misted blend of quince and orange blossom is next and as you continue to relax at Miraval Spa restorative essences are applied that replenish your skin and your Hammam concludes with a lush application of tangerine fig body butter.

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