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Miraval Spa Insider Tips for an Enhanced Journey

Miraval Spa Insider Tips for an Enhanced Journey!

Are you traveling to Miraval Spa?  If so, here are some ‘Insider Tips’ to enhance your experience, whether it’s your first or your 10th visit to Miraval.

First, review Miraval’s current schedule and then consider circling/marking the Miraval activity that interests you the most.  Only a few activities require a sign-up, which is done at Miraval, so no need to pre-book activities from the schedule, however be sure to sign up when you arrive, especially for the Miraval Equine Experience.

Next, review Miraval’s spa services to get an idea as to which services interest you the most.  Then consider what time you’d like to pre-book your Miraval spa services or one-on-one consultations.  It’s important to pre-book your Miraval spa services as soon as you can as there are certain times that are more desirable, especially 7p or 8p for Miraval’s signature spa services like  Sweet Slumber or the Hammam.   4p and 5p are also highly requested.

One-on-one consultations at Miraval are also important as times are more limited and so again, the sooner the better.  One of Miraval’s experts, Dr. Tim Frank is highly sought after, so flexibility is important here so pre-book his services early!

Your journey begins before you arrive at Miraval!  Call using this Direct Number to contact the Team at Miraval Spa and they can answer any additional questions you may have for your upcoming adventure.  Call 1-800-359-6250 and get ready for your journey!

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