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Rediscover ‘YOU’ at Miraval Spa with a Fresh Start

Rediscover 'YOU' at Miraval Spa with a Fresh Start!

Are you feeling ‘stuck’ and ‘sluggish’ in your daily life?  Is Miraval the answer to getting unstuck?

From time to time we may feel like we’re pushing up hill and ‘ebbing’ more than ‘flowing’ in our daily life.  I know what that feels like and know first hand that Miraval has experts that can help us to reconnect and redefine ourselves. And, it isn’t usually just one area that suffers – it’s our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Miraval Spa has introduced a new program called ‘A Fresh Start for Women’ and it offers private services to help us look at our lives and initiate change.  Miraval’s program is about rediscovering joy and a passion or renewed passion for living.   It’s about ‘mindfully’ living a life of vitality and purpose, which we know is ours to claim.  Miraval offers a nurturing environment to help with this change.

A few of the private services at Miraval include:  Nutrition Consultation; Private Challenge; Mindful Living Consultation and a private consultation with an Equine Facilitator as well as Miraval’s signature spa services.

Your life ‘do-over’ begins now! Call for more information using this Direct Number to contact the Team at Miraval Spa and they can answer any additional questions you may have for your Miraval adventure.  Call 1-800-359-6250 and get ready for your Fresh Start!

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